Here’s who you should follow, and why.

-Because he’s cute and posts the Office (among other things):

-Because she is wonderful, and constantly promos people/ has an awesome blog:

-Because She posts sweet hipster/ vintage things(and is really cool):

-Because she posts interesting/ soft grunge things (and is new to tumblr)

-Because everything she posts I want to reblog, and sometimes I do reblog everything (and she is just awesome):

-Because she posts cool art (some of which is her own), is super talented, and will eventually create animation you will see in movies:

-Because Gilly is really awesome:

-Because she posts Star Wars and is just someone you need to follow. Trust me.

-Because she is marvelous, and posts whatever she wants (which is always awesome)

-Because she posts wonderful things

-Because she posts awesome soft hipster grunge

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